• Melissa St. John
  • 05/17/22

Commercial Real Estate Conference Takeaways: State of the Workplace

I had the amazing opportunity to present on a panel at the Indiana Commercial Real Estate Conference, speaking to over 250 commercial real estate professionals about reimaging workspaces. This conference is one of the largest gatherings of real estate professionals in Indiana each year! Because we know that so many organizations are navigating workspace changes

10 Space Design Tips for a Safer Workplace

As stay-at-home limitations continue to be lifted, something that is at the top of organizations' minds is how to restructure their workplace so their employees will be safe. Did you know that 51% of knowledge industry corporations have not announced a return to work plan according to a national SHRM survey? However, your workspace needs Read More Read More

Will your office space need to change after COVID-19?

Are you going to be faced with cost-cutting measures? Will you need less space to reduce rent or will you need to reconfigure to ensure the maximum productivity? Will you want to adjust work spaces to ensure physical distancing, or higher cubicle panels? One thing you can count on is CHANGE. Office spaces contract and expand Read More Read More

Why Sticking to Core Values is More Important Than Ever

An organization’s core values shouldn’t just live on a company’s website or be touted in marketing materials. An organization needs to live and breathe their values, especially during uncertain times. Core values should dictate the behavior of everyone at the company from the top down. Their identified values should be reflected in their actions, communications,

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How Our Clients Saved $3.5 Million Using I.D.E.A.™

Do you know when companies need to relocate their workforce in their same buildings or to new ones, that furniture has two impacts: cost and productivity?  We provide solutions that increase employee productivity by 25% and reduce furniture expenses through our proprietary methods. We helped Citizens Energy, Duke Realty, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Stanley Read More Read More

Relo Saved Duke Realty Over $400,000

When relocating, renovating, or reconfiguring, saving money and resources are so very essential. Hear how we saved Duke Realty over $400,000 below from Mark (Spanky) Van Horn, VP of Administrative Services: "Duke Realty is the largest pure-play, domestic only, logistics REIT in the United States. With properties in 20 major logistics markets across the United Read More Read More

Ontario Systems Testimonial: Relo Made “Real, Tangible” Improvements

Casey Stanley from Ontario Systems shares how Relocation Strategies helped them design a workspace that was engaging and met the needs of their culture and brand. Relo helped them make real, tangible improvements with our proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis®. As a result, employee engagement is up by 25%. Request a Consultation Now Read More Read More

The Tie Between Company Culture and Workspace Design

In a recent Entrepreneur article, John Rampton talks about how company culture attracts top talent, investors, and customers, ultimately impacting the bottom line for your business. He also talks about the open-office concept and how this layout, in fact, hinders productivity. Based on our experience and what we preach to our clients every day, he Read More Read More

10 Simple Workspace Changes to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity

85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work, reducing productivity and costing companies billions of dollars each year. An inviting, functional workspace can help reengage team members who have mentally checked out and get them focused back on the task at hand. When staff can work in an environment that is conducive

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Holladay Properties Testimonial: “Saved Us Time and Money”

 David Holt, Sr VP of Development and Community Affairs for Holladay Properties, shares his experience with Relocation Strategies. We saved his organization money and staff time, making his investment worth it in the end.

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