• Jenn Lisak Golding
  • 08/24/22

6 Things Your Workplace is Missing

As you plan for a return to the office, make sure your workplace isn’t missing these six things.

IndyBar Highlight: Reimagined Workspace

Over 10 years ago, Relocation Strategies was called to assist IndyBar with a relocation to a new space. Our job was to "flip on a dime" and reuse all existing furniture. They were very pleased with our work, and we not only saved them money but helped them make their new space look great. Recently, Read More Read More

7 Insights About the State of the Workplace [Video]

It's no secret that the way we work and where we work has completely changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Some offices are still closed, some organizations have completely reconfigured their workspaces, and some are taking a hybrid approach. No matter what organizations are choosing to do right now, the question on everyone's minds is, "Will Read More Read More

Open Workspaces Were Dead Before COVID-19

Let’s be honest: After spending the last 10 years in open workspaces, the level of collaboration at your organization has not increased.  In fact, there are more meetings than ever, and less one-on-one interactions than before.  This is not an opinion, it’s a fact.  In 2018, a group of Harvard professors conducted two empirical research Read More Read More

Millennials Expect Employers to Prioritize Wellness in the Workplace

Relo's Terin Jaggard Receives Fitwel Ambassador Certification Did you know that physical inactivity is comparable to smoking as a leading cause of preventable death throughout the world? Did you also know that millennials, who make up the majority of the workforce today, expect employers to prioritize wellness in the workplace?   According to a recent study, Read More Read More

ReloShields: Keeping People Safe at Work

Ever since the pandemic hit, we've been working to provide guidance and practical considerations for the office to help keep your employees safe. Last week, our CEO Melissa St. John was invited to join in on the NAWBO National podcast to chat about ideas to keep people safe at work.  During the podcast, Melissa shared Read More Read More

Your Workspace Needs to be Reimagined…

Actionable Data for a Successful Return to Work in the “New” Normal Please Note: This data was distributed on June 25, 2020.  Did you know that 51% of knowledge industry corporations have not announced a return to work plan according to a national SHRM survey. Over half of people surveyed by Relocation Strategies stated their Read More Read More

Recovery Office Planning Videos

Listen in to Relocation Strategies' post-pandemic office planning advice which has been shared with the IBJ, Indiana Chamber, Indy Chamber, NAWBO, and BBB. Did you know that 51% of knowledge industry corporations have not announced a return to work plan according to a national SHRM survey? However, your workspace needs to be reimagined, and we Read More Read More

Less is More, When Cutting Costs on Your Reimagined Workplace

With companies and their employees going back into the office, most are changing their workplace to ensure safety for their employees and increase productivity. Many organizations are challenged with how much space they need currently, as well as in a year. What will your workplace require and how many people will actually utilize it? We Read More Read More

Post-Pandemic Office Planning Expert Provides Insight to IBJ

Is your office about to reopen or has already reopened? Did you know that 51% of knowledge industry corporations have not announced a return to work plan according to a national SHRM survey?  Are you unsure how your office should look post-pandemic? Your workspace needs to be reimagined, and we conducted a survey about the Read More Read More

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