This Open Office Trend isn’t Funny Anymore

This Open Office Trend Isn’t Funny Anymore

Now is the time. A decade ago, fueled by an economic crisis, with companies desperately finding ways to make budget, the open office plan came springing back into the workplace like an angry undead uncle from the 1950s. We’ve seen the old pictures of a office floor that looks akin to a hamster wheel farm. If you pay attention the next time you walk into your low walled, or no walled office, and you hear the whirring of Rick’s treadmill desk, it might seem like you fell back in time. Don’t worry, we’re still in reality.

Actually, definitely worry, this IS reality.

We were all really excited about it at first. We would be the first to admit, the cultural impact was pretty cool. We all got to know each other, we increased the amount of conversation in the workplace. Hey we might have even needed a boost to get our faces out of these cool new smart phones, but by taking our cubicle walls away, we have all started to realize that the emperor has no clothes.

The honeymoon is over and we must wake up and admit that this isn’t working. Some of the more colorful internet blogs have degenerated to profanity when it comes to the topic, and frankly, we can’t blame anyone. The Open Office Plan is literally killing the workplace. Even four years ago, (2013) Gallup research was showing a total loss of $450 to $550 billion dollars to disengagement and poor productivity. The reason productivity is down so much, isn’t because a particular generation is lazy or that we all have another level of Candy Crush to throw down on, its the office environment that you’re probably sitting in for a respectable amount of your waking life! We are literally living in the problem.


Please stop and ask yourself, why does the 1950s look so familiar?

It’s okay to be angry. This is officially out of hand and the level of discontent has developed into a not-so-low roar. Work relationships that were originally kindled in the collaboratively weighted environment are now being ruined by over saturation and the companies that are performing the closest to their potential are the ones that never took the cubicles down in the first place.

There is a shining light through our open office induced rage. Relocation Strategies is ready to be your partner and advocate. We are willing to admit, some collaborative space is absolutely necessary. Perhaps your sales and marketing team needs to be in a lunchroom-like  environment 80% of the time, but we will bet that your development team sure doesn’t. These are examples of the workplace truths our Productivity Analysis® unfolds and defends.

It isn’t about guessing, it’s about cold hard data. Our Productivity Analysis® combined with the levelheaded expertise of our Project Managers can evolve a company away from whatever is trending on Instagram to the workplace solution that will best impact employee engagement AND productivity. Not to brag, but we can do it all on a budget that is well under what you paid for that ridiculous open office by re-configuring what you already have into a new, sanity promoting, profit generating, dream office.

This time around, you don’t have to make up research and data to convince employees to like the change, because we will provide what they desperately want, need, and certainly deserve.

It’s time to Take Back The Office! Who is with us?

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