The Benefits of Our Commercial Move Management Services: 

Utilizing Relocation Strategies to plan and manage your move will allow you and your entire staff to remain focused on productivity, reduction of move time and the expense for the entire move. Whether you’re making a move within an existing space or a move across town, we serve as your workplace transition advocate.

  • Create budgets
  • Reduce downtime
  • Meet deadlines
  • Stay productive
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce anxiety of your move

We Customize Relocations, Renovation, and Reconfigurations for Commercial Offices, Industrial, Institutional and Medical:

We recognize different businesses have different needs. We can assist with every detail of your move, or just a portion of it. Our services are listed below.

Commercial Relocation

·         Budgeting

·         Moving

·         Move schedule coordination

·         Installation coordination

·         Rigging

·         Warehouse racking

·         Detailed placement tagging plan

·         Bid packages

·         Office equipment coordination

·         Site decommissioning

·         Post move follow-up

·         Develop protocol/office etiquette


·         Inventory

·         Procurement

·         AutoCAD

·         Productivity Analysis®

·         Reconfigurations

·         Bid packages

·         Installation coordination

·         Recycling/removal

·         Panel cleaning

·         Vendor invoice auditing

·         Punch walk-thru

·         Occupancy Verification

Additional Services

·         Telecommunications/IT services

·         Communications cabling

·         Electrical location verification

·         Audio/visual

·         Sound masking, paging

·         Signage

·         Card access

·         Record management

·         Bid packages

·         Warehousing coordination

·         Employee communications

·         Appliance delivery and setup

Facility Management

  • Track and manage furniture, equipment and personal
  • Identify new ways to cut costs with reallocating Real Estate
  • Create and manage occupancy reports
  • Manage moves, adds and changes within your facility
  • Efficiency consultation for Real Estate
  • Work with or manage necessary vendors for impeccable outcomes
  • Asset Distribution
  • Provide revised drawings that take into account physical reality “as-builts”

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