Central Restaurant Products

100,000 Sq. Ft.

Central Restaurant Products is a provider of virtually anything needed for the foodservice industry. Founded in 1981, they have over 250,000 customers. In April 2009, Central was acquired by K + K America, LLC, the U.S. holding company for TAKKT AG. TAKKT AG is the leading business-to-business direct marketing company in Europe and North America. TAKKT is represented in more than 25 countries with a product range comprised of some 110,000 products.

One of the most challenging warehouses we’ve ever moved was Central Restaurant Products, one of the country’s largest restaurant and food preparation suppliers. The company moved literally hundreds of thousands of cooking utensils, supplies, and equipment. From seven different spoon sized to ever conceivable type of pot and pan, the variety and similarity of items was a challenge to not only move, but also track. Adding to that, Central Restaurant Products was housed in an antiquated industrial building, complete with a slow moving elevator and hard-to– navigate exits. The payoff, however, was a state-of-the-art facility in Park 100 on Indy’s north-west side. Despite the challenges, Relocation Strategies handled the move while Central Restaurant Products continued, without interruption, to ship and fill orders for its costumers up to the minute before the final move took place.


In Their Words

“We were thrilled to find a firm that would take care of the move so that we could continue to keep the trains running on time, so to speak. By moving over Thanksgiving week-end, we barely missed a beat.”

– Bret Beegle

Central Restaurant Products

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