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11,000 Sq. Ft.

NEVAEH Healthcare Revenue Management wanted to remodel its East Chicago Health Center, but the building in need of updates sat hundreds of miles away from Nevaeh’s home office in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania. Nevaeh enlisted the logistics services of Relocation Strategies to remodel its 11,000 sq. ft. healthcare facility.

Relocation Strategies developed a plan to divide the facility into four phases to prepare for the new wall and flooring finishes, selected by Lohr Design of Indianapolis. Relocation Strategies inventoried the furniture and awarded the implantation of the construction plan and move to Capitol Construction. All work done to remodel the entire facility was done after hours and over the course of four consecutive weekends. That way, none of the doctors, nurses, staff members or patients noticed any disruption in work or service. Twenty-two exam rooms and the workspace of 32 employees were renovated in the move.


NEVAEH Healthcare Revenue Management

NEVAEH Healthcare Revenue Management, LLC was founded on the principal of serving providers who serve our communities. NEVAEH has a special interest in reinvesting in our communities to ensure quality care coupled with sustainable and viable practices exist to maintain and sustain patient care and related services for years to come. NEVAEH’s target client base consists of government funded organizations that provide care to the nation’s most vulnerable patients. This network of care is considered a safety net model to ensure affordable access to care for all regardless of ability to pay. NEVAEH believes in partnering to provide support and assistance to enable and deliver value added services to all clients creating a higher level of access and quality of care in the healthcare system.

In Their Words

“The move management of every detail was taken into consideration and we truly appreciate the services Relocation Strategies offered. We would recommend the services of Relocation Strategies to any facility going through a remodel to save time, money and most of all to stay operational.”

– Reginald Hurtt, RA, MBA, CIO

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