University Hall

University Hall

The Challenge:

  • A large Indiana university was thrilled to build a new 5 story building, but they needed assistance figuring out the scope of new furniture needs and a corresponding budget
  • New building would bring together 13 units from several campus and off-campus locations

The Solution:

  • Met with representatives of each unit and inventoried their existing furniture
  • After assessing needs for new furniture, we developed a budget and specification for the furniture bid
  • Worked closely with the university’s purchasing manager compiling the results of the bid and issuing a comparison summary

The Summary:

  • Furniture bid was split between five vendors
  • Relocation Strategies scheduled the installations and provide inspection of new furnishings
  • Hiring Relocation Strategies allowed the university architect’s office to focus on construction and client management
  • By virtue of Relocation Strategies planning and the bidding process, we saved the university close to $1 million on furniture

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