Purdue University Wang Hall

10,000 Sq. Ft.



The Challenge:

  • Relocate engineering faculty and labs with custom built research equipment from multiple buildings to one new building
  • Develop a budget for relocation
  • Manage scopes of work for mover, rigger, and electrical contractor
  • Identify potential risks to equipment and property
  • Coordinate with the construction schedule, research schedules and faculty schedules

The Solution:

  • Worked with several Purdue University resources and local road officials with jurisdiction over components of the move
  • Identified the best team of proven subcontractors for the work and developed the sequencing and plan with them
  • Engaged staff in process to achieve best results

The Summary:

  • Sequenced sub-contractors over multiple phases of the relocation project
  • Minimized downtime for research labs and faculty
  • Successfully moved equipment, including 4 ton energy conversion dynamometer via carefully arranged transporting methods and routes
  • Equipment was successfully re-commissioned

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