Stanley Security Solutions

Stanley Security Solutions

How Relo Saved Stanley Security Systems $1 Million


The Challenge:

  • Due to reusing all existing furniture, the employee moves were dependent on the existing furniture being available. This was a logistics puzzle to plan each department to move together and minimize downtime.
  • Coordinating multiple vendors with in construction time frames.
  • Integrating 8 different furniture system styles, from 4 different buildings into one new building and maintaining a standard of acceptable aesthetics.

The Solution:

  •  Carefully planning to keep the departments moving together and having furniture ready for them to minimize downtime. Managing the various vendors to maintain the tight time line was essential.
  • Phases were created, consisting of 9 phases over 9 weeks while the furniture moved during the week and employees on the weekends. Other vendors were carefully coordinated to have employees up and running upon their first day at the new site.
  •  Multiple scenarios were looked at on how to best combine 8 different system styles before deciding on the most cost effective and aesthetically
    pleasing combination. Reusing existing and downsizing stations lent to Stanley only spending 16% of what they would if they had bought all new.


The Summary:


  • $1,000,000 in savings!
  • Managing complex logistic moves to ensure every detail is accounted for.
  • Managing multiple vendor coordination to ensure clients experience minimal downtime.
  •  Managing multiple furniture lines to ensure our clients are saving the most money and still meeting their aesthetic and functionality standards.

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