Liberty Fund

Liberty Fund

In early 2017 Liberty Fund moved into its new location bringing with it an extensive library of historical texts. Since many of the housed private collections were irreplaceable, the private collections were given VIP attention to ensure transition accuracy so that Liberty Fund’s officials could return immediately to what they do best!

The Challenge:

  • Move over 50,000 historical texts in a safe and secure manner
  • The new building contained 63,100 square feet of multi-use facility, ranging from an outdoor courtyard, exercise room, modern lounge, library, offices, and cubicle bullpen
  • Dispose of old furniture in an eco-friendly and community forward way

The Solution:

  • Inventoried existing furniture to facilitate charitable donations
  • Managed a complex catalog to maintain library efficacy and provide users a familiar experience in a new location
  • Relocated the entire library in 72 hours
  • Worked with furniture dealership and interior designer to design work space

In Their Words

“Relocation Strategies became invaluable members of the team, coordinating our transition to our new building.  There were many risks involved when relocating over 30,000 volumes of different texts and transcripts, especially when some of those are hundreds of years old.  They completely rose to the unique circumstance we presented. Additionally, they assisted with obtaining the best mover for the best price. They coordinated the process of planning, tagging, and moving, not only our main library, but also our mini libraries within the employees’ offices. Our collective success shows that excellent planning leads to a seamless execution. Relocation Strategies was a great resource and we would not have had such a smooth transition without them.”

Stephanie Kaufman

Liberty Fund

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