Ice Miller

Ice Miller

The Challenge:

  • Implement facility cost savings and realign staff adjacency to align with business plan
  • Renovate 25-year-old spaces
  • Minimize disruption, loss of productivity and income during renovation

The Solution:

  • Relocate staff services to a lower cost building and reduce space from nine floors to seven floors
  • Consolidate libraries and implement records initiatives to reduce paper
  • Inventory furniture assets and assess condition
  • Engage Relocation Strategies to track people and furniture for each phase of project

The Summary:

  • Bid out new furniture and moves
  • Provided oversight for each phase of the year-long project
  • Managed master database of all staff and their locations

In Their Words

“We moved 500 people to and from swing space, two floors at a time, with all of the moves accomplished over weekends. Without Relocation Strategies’ assistance, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this herculean task. Relocation Strategies managed move logistics, outside movers and office layout configuration. They also completed an extensive inventory of our furniture and equipment. Their efforts and accomplishments on our behalf were, in a word– superb!”
– Mitchell Hopwood, Facilities
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