Bell Techlogix

Bell Techlogix

Relocation Strategies assisted in the integration of existing and new furniture. We helped the company minimize downtime by doing all moves after their working hours, and saved assets by re-finishing conference tables.

The Challenge:

  • Call Center could not have down time
  • High technology needs
  • Re-use existing workstations
  • Re-use conference tables
  • Bid new workstations

The Solution:

  • Established critical deadlines
  • Phase moves for 200 people
  • Developed detailed sequencing schedules
  • Bid Data Cabling

In Their Words

“Relocation Strategies is our “go-to” partner when moving offices and have been a great partner of ours. They have outstanding project management and planning methodologies which we appreciate and require. We took a portion of our existing cubes, that they inventoried and reconfigured and the rest was bid out and was purchased new. Wherever our needs are, Relocation Strategies was able to help us. One of our offices in Jackson, Mississippi needed to totally reconfigure and collapse 4 open floors into one usable space and Relocation Strategies allowed us to concentrate on the strategic decisions while they attacked the tactics of local vendors to accomplish our goals. Relocation Strategies saved our company a great deal of time, money and headache.”
-Steven R. Shannon, Vice President
Chief Information Officer, Bell Techlogix

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