Baldwin & Lyons

Baldwin & Lyons

When Baldwin and Lyons reached out to Relocation Strategies to facilitate their move, their project scope was fairly extensive. However, through pristine planning and execution, their timeline was met, they saved thousands of dollars on furniture, they had a successful multi-phase move that resulted in minimal downtime for their staff and all leftover furniture was removed in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The Challenge:

  • Relocate 380+ employees
  • Combine existing and new furniture
  • Remove items in existing space in multiple phases

The Solution:

  • Bid out furniture and move vendors
  • Planned detailed move schedule for phasing to allow employees to move with management
  • Created a move schedule within a two week time frame including a mail center

“Relocation Strategies planned the move of over 350 staff over a period of 12 days to create minimal downtime for Baldwin & Lyons. Relocation Strategies designed, specified and bid out all of our new furniture to obtain competitive prices. Their approach minimized the need for us to purchase new private office furniture. We were able to utilize 100% of our existing private office furniture in our new building.”
– Tim Russell, IT Operations
Baldwin & Lyons

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