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Rheumatology Associates

When companies move, it has to be as orderly and non-disruptive as possible to the flow of business, and it has to be quick. Time was of the essence when Bremner Duke hired Relocation Strategies to move Rheumatology Associates to its new location so all parties involved could transfer their offices and commence with their business. RS acted as the move manager for Rheumatology Associates, a company of five doctors and two nurse practitioners plus administrative staff specializing in treating people afflicted with more than 100 forms of arthritis and related disorders of the joints, muscles and bones. After conducting a furniture inventory and determining what new furniture was needed in the new 11,000 square foot space, RS wrote the Request for Proposal and analyzed bids in search of the best price and quality.


“The service provided by Relocation Strategies was immeasurable. Costs were reduced by the inventory taken of our existing furniture for re-use; valuable time was saved with the multiple quotes obtained. The relocation team coordinated every step of our move from beginning to end. Their dedication and attention to even the smallest detail allowed our physicians and staff to continue working until the day of our move.”
Maureen Schoch, Administrative Director