What #BeAHero Means For You

If you’re a bonafide Relo fan then you have likely seen our Hashtag #BeAHero popping up on your favorite social media feed lately. You wouldn’t be wrong to think to yourself, “hmm, I do feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but I’m not entirely sure what they mean by #BeAHero”.

The Project Management team here have a mantra they live by, they want to make our clients look and feel like heroes. It doesn’t matter who the contact person for the workplace is, could be the janitor, or the CEO, it doesn’t matter. The end goal of all of our projects is to make the point person for your transition look like a hero.

The current state of office dwellers and the conditions that they are expected to work in is improving at a huge clip. The talent pool of possible employees has shrank to a point not seen before the recession and companies are looking for ways to hold on to their remaining well trained, and expert employees while vying for the few candidates that are still looking. It obvious to note in a day and age when recruitment headhunters are making as much if not more take-home-pay than a top sales person, the effort it takes to maintain a thriving company is nothing less than heroic. When building a irresistible culture, isn’t it important to have a foundation in a brilliant workplace and location?

Every office environment doesn’t need “saving” but in today’s competitive talent shortage, can any company afford to be less than the best?

#BeAHero is Relo’s reason for being. Through our best practices and processes we ensure nothing less than massive success. In regards to you and your organization, we are asking you to #BeAHero because together we can increase the overall productivity and well being of your workforce. You get the metaphorical key to the city; a workplace that is the best on the block and a workforce that can’t wait to get through the office doors everyday.

Are you ready to #BeAHero?

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